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The Autism Society of Wisconsin (ASW) is dedicated to improving the lives of all affected by autism in Wisconsin by providing information and referral, family support, advocacy, professional development, resource development, and by raising awareness and acceptance. ASW sponsors an annual spring and fall conference, a free quarterly newsletter, provides information and referral and monitors a peer support listserv. The Autism Society of Wisconsin is the voice for autism in Wisconsin, advocating for individuals with autism, their families and those who work with them.

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New Report Indicates Increasing Prevalence of Autism

March 27, 2014 - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced today that the prevalence rate for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is now 1 in 68. This is about a 30% increase from the last report of 1 in 88 children in 2012. Read the full report here.

The report is based on data collected from the Autism and Development Disabilities Monitoring Network (ADDM) which has 11 sites across the United States, including a site in southeastern Wisconsin. Wisconsin specific data show that 1 in 108 children (age 8) have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Read more about Wisconsin specific data here.

The Autism Society continues to be concerned about the increasing prevalence of autism. While the cause of the increase is unclear, the Autism Society and its affiliates in Wisconsin are ready and willing to assist the growing numbers affected by autism. Read about the Autism Society’s response here.

Governor Walker Plans to Focus on Employment for People with Disabilities in 2014

Governor Walker’s A Better Bottom Line:
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Governor Scott Walker plans to focus on employment for people with disabilities through his “A Better Bottom Line: Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities” Initiative this year.

The Autism Society of Wisconsin joins other disability advocates in welcoming and supporting the Governor’s new initiative for 2014. Read more... 

The APA releases DSM-5 in May of 2013

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