Autism Society of Wisconsin


Change for Autism is a campaign through the Autism Society of Wisconsin designed to encourage stakeholders to create meaningful change for people with autism in our schools and communities. Whether you’re part of a group, business and/or school or a passionate individual hoping to ignite change, there is a place for you within the Change for Autism campaign!  

Together we can help our communities understand autism and create inclusive opportunities to make everyone feel welcome.

Please join our Change for Autism campaign this April to create change in your local community.

Ways to get involved:


Schools are a great place to raise awareness and help students gain a better understanding of what autism is and how it affects those who have it. Schools can join our Change for Autism coin drive and participate in our 2018 Autism Essay contest. Schools that participate in the Change for Autism coin drive will receive free awareness building and educational materials from the Autism Society of Wisconsin. All schools that participate will be entered to win 2 conference registrations and the school that raises the most money will win a party for the top 3 classrooms!  


Contact the Autism Society of Wisconsin to learn about how you can create sensory friendly environments or make your business more welcoming to individuals and families affected by autism. Businesses can also considering the Autism Society of Wisconsin this April by collecting spare change or hosting a jean day to raise money to support our programs and services.


Share your experiences to raise awareness and support others:

  • What do you wish others knew about autism? Share your thoughts in our survey to be included in our social media awareness campaign. Click here!
  • Become a support parent through Parent to Parent of Wisconsin to support another parent of a child with autism.
  • Make a donation to the Autism Society of Wisconsin to support our ongoing programs and services. Click here!