Autism Society of Wisconsin


Everyone Belongs: Celebrating Differences

Thank you to all of the schools and students who participated in the 2017 Essay Contest. We are overwhelmed with the number of thoughtful essays we received. We are thankful to all of the students, classrooms, and schools that used this project as a way to increase understanding of autism, reduce stigma, and hopefully create new friendships.

12th Annual Autism Awareness Essay Contest Award Recipients

		K-2nd Grade Level
		1st Place:  Kelly, Stanley
		2nd Place:  Karin, Lodi
		3rd Place:  Mailiana, Lodi
		3rd-5th Grade Level
		1st Place:  Loria, Oshkosh
		2nd Place:  Nathan, Cudahy
		3rd Place:  Rae Lynn, Cudahy
		6th-8th Grade Level
		1st Place:  Amanda, Wausau
		2nd Place:  Rose, Appleton
		3rd Place:  Logan, Wausau
		9th-12th Grade Level
		1st Place:  Isabella, Hartland
		2nd Place:  Brook, Hartland
		3rd Place:  Madeline, Wrightstown