BioLeptin Review: Is It A Scam or Does It Really Work?

In this BioLeptin review, I will try to share some details about this dietary supplement. Also, I will be sharing my personal experience of using this one.

I have used BioLeptin for a fairly long period of time and I will try my best to answer some of the questions like the ingredients used, their effects on my body, and how this supplement works.

Hence, you might want to stick with this BioLeptin review until the end if you are thinking of starting the consumption of this dietary supplement.

I am pretty sure that once you are done with this BioLeptin review, you will have an adequate amount of information about this supplement. Also, you would be able to decide for yourself.

What is BioLeptin?

bioleptinBioLeptin is a dietary supplement that has been developed so that it could help in weight loss.

BioLeptin is said to have a new formula that has been blended scientifically after a lot of research and comprises the best possible ingredients.

These ingredients have been studied thoroughly and they have been included in such a way that they will kickstart your metabolism after stimulating it which could result in losing fat.

The official website of BioLeptin mentions that this supplement would allow your body to lose fat naturally and effortlessly.

At the same time, it could also help you in supporting sugar levels, fat metabolism. Not to miss the ability to support carbohydrate metabolism.

Ingredients used in BioLeptin

One of the major differences you would notice between BioLeptin and other weight loss supplements considering external packaging is the list of ingredients used in that supplement. 

Most weight loss supplements often use a variety of ingredients all of which have some role to play in helping you with your weight loss goals. 

However, that is not the case with BioLeptin because this supplement contains only two ingredients. 

Both of these ingredients have been a research topic for a fairly long period of time and it has been found that both these ingredients have incredible benefits when it comes to helping you with your weight loss process. 

These ingredients are African Mango Extracts and Chromium Picolinate.

The scientific name of African Mango Extracts is Irving Gabonensis. 

The African Mango Extract has been a subject of various scientific studies for a fairly long period of time now and most of the research studies have concluded that it is a very potent ingredient that can be really helpful in aiding you with your weight loss goals. 

BioLeptin contains the active ingredient of African Mango Extracts which is IGOB131 and it is a patented product. 

Each capsule of BioLeptin is said to have nearly 150 mg of African Mango Extracts and it is a significant amount that can have a lot of potential weight loss benefits. 

Chromium Picolinate is a form of Chromium and usually, this form is used in health supplements. 

Chromium Picolinate has found its use in the health supplements industry because it has been a subject of several research studies which have indicated that Chromium Picolinate has several properties that might be beneficial for your weight loss goals. 

How BioLeptin Works?

The reason why you might find it difficult to get rid of the excess weight you are carrying can be because of the fact that a very small almond-sized part of your brain.

This part I am talking about is called Hypothalamus and it is a special area of your brain whose job is to prevent your body from losing weight.

Hypothalamus is probably the reason why you have a slow metabolism, or you cannot control your cravings for sweet stuff.

When you exercise and follow a strict diet, your body is tricked for a small period of time but when Hypothalamus gets aware of it, it tries its best to retain the excess weight your body carries.

Your body might have a protein called C- Reactive Protein or CRO which is a toxic protein. This CRP often tricks your brain into believing that it is very important for it to store fat.

Thus your brain holds on to this fat which does not allow you to lose weight.

If you can somehow reduce the levels of CRP from your body, you might find it easier to lose weight.

BioLeptin is a supplement that might work precisely on this principle. BioLeptin contains African Mango Extracts which can help in removing the CRP protein.

Several research studies have shown that African Mango might be effective in removing this CRP but only when it is used in a combination with Chromium Picolinate.

Together this combination might have the following effects:

  1. It could boost your body’s metabolic rate.
  2. It might help you control your cravings and reduce your appetite.
  3. The combination may boost your energy levels.
  4. It could lower the level of cholesterol in your body.
  5. It might also help you maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.

My Personal Consumption Experience

Corporate life can be really hectic at times because of the long hours you need to devote on a regular basis. This is something that happened when I was promoted at my job. 

Because I was promoted, there were great expectations from me at my workplace and everyone expected a lot from me. My responsibilities had grown suddenly and soon I was working 13 to 14 hours a day. 

Because of this, I was not being able to work out at all because when I used to reach home, I was already exhausted from the day’s work. 

On top of that, I was not able to keep track of my diet either. I was consuming a lot of junk food which was readily available in my office canteen. 

I had been following this regime for over three months now and it was the time when my workload was reduced a bit. I no longer had to put in long hours and I was following a normal 9 to 5 routine. 

This was the time when I realized that my body had changed a lot since I was promoted. I no longer had a lean physique because I now had a beer belly. I could also feel that my energy levels had taken a hit. 

I decided to hit the gym again but it was not as easy as it seemed to be. Because it seemed like years had passed since I last hit the gym. 

I was not able to work out for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was also not able to control my cravings and in spite of knowing the harms it was causing, I kept on consuming them. 

This is when I decided to take help from health supplements because I knew achieving my old physique back without external help would take a lot of time. 

Soon I came to know about BioLeptin and when I visited the official website of the same, I was pretty impressed with the information that was mentioned there. 

Following this, I read several review articles on the same, and I also gave a look at the real-life experiences of users with BioLeptin. 

This is when I decided to use BioLeptin as my primary supplement and placed my order for the same.

I have used BioLeptin for over 4 months now and honestly, I am disappointed with the effects it had on my body because it had no positive effects whatsoever. 

Neither I noticed any difference in my body’s fat deposits, nor was it able to curb my cravings for food. It did reduce my appetite a bit but it was nothing significant. 

I feel like I was cheated by the company because not only did I invest a lot of time and effort but I also wasted a chunk of my hard-earned money on a supplement that did not serve me with any benefit at all. 

My dosage schedule

I had never used BioLeptin before because of which I did not have any idea about how to use it in the beginning. 

This is why I referred to the official website where I found out all about the dosage.

I followed the advice and I consumed 2 tablets of BioLeptin every day just before my breakfast because it happened to be my largest meal of the day. 

At the same time, I tried my best to be regular with my dosage, then only I would be able to decide on the efficiency of this supplement.

Side Effects

I am grateful that in spite of BioLeptin not having any positive effects on my body, it had no negative effects either. 

Even after consuming it daily for over 4 months, I was not able to witness it having any negative impacts on my body. 

However, when I was researching this supplement, I found some user reviews that did not appear to be happy with this product. 

They reported that BioLeptin had some side effects on their body including the likes of:

  1. Sleep Disturbances. 
  2. Headaches. 
  3. Nausea. 
  4. Dizziness. 
  5. Coordination Impairment. 

BioLeptin For Sale

BioLeptin is available only on the official website which is indeed a very good thing. 

I always prefer buying supplements only from the official website because it ensures that the supplement I am buying is genuine and unadulterated. 

I followed the same in this case and ordered BioLeptin from the official website. 

BioLeptin Alternative

BioLeptin appears to be a great supplement in the beginning and it might be one, but for me, BioLeptin did not have any significant effects on my body.

There are some users who say that BioLeptin did this and did that but I have used it for over 4 months on a regular basis and there was not one day when I found BioLeptin to be an effective supplement.

This is when I decided to contact a professional who could help me.

Hence, I contacted one of the dietitians and she charted out a diet plan for me. Also, she recommended that I try PhenQ.

I followed her plan rigorously for a period of 3 months as I write this and I have already lost a good amount of weight.

But, I made sure that I using PhenQ regularly, and hence, I was able to receive good results.

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