Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Forgetfulness is a problem faced by almost everyone of us irrespective of our age. It may be a birthday of our dear ones, an important meeting or an event, an answer from our textbook or anything else. Memory loss is a common problem among the old people. It cannot be completely avoided but I am going to discuss with you ten best ways which you can adopt and practice to improve your memory:

how to improve Your Memory

  1. Be attentive

    Whether you are attending a classroom lecture or an office meeting, the first thing that you need to practice is to pay attention on what the lecturer is taking about. It will help you in recalling things better and quicker. If you are just nodding your head during the lecture and thinking about something else then you are less likely to remember it after a few moments. Paying attention is the best way to keep things in mind for a longer period of time. So, start practicing to actively concentrate as soon as possible.

  2. Start doing brain exercise

    Start doing brain workout from today itself and try to make this a habit. It is very essential in enhancing the development of thousands and thousands of neural pathways. There are certain aerobic exercises like running or cycling which helps stimulates your breathing along with heart rate.

    This is very beneficial for the brain as is increases the blood pumping inside your body. It will help you in recalling things easily with minimum efforts. You can also engage yourself in playing challenging brain games like crosswords, sudoku and so on. It will increase your brain’s capacity to think more and recall better at the same time.

  3. Get a good sleep

    People nowadays are habituated with sleeping late at night while waking up early. But this should not be the case because one must have a proper sleep at night to let the brain continue its function in an efficient manner. There are many studies which say that if you are an adult then you should sleep at least 8 hours a day which is perfect time to make you feel active throughout the day and let your brain function properly.

    It will enhance your creativity, reasoning and thinking qualities in any kind of situation. So, try to have a good sleep every night. It is more beneficial if you do not use your mobile phones right before sleep and avoid consumption of caffeine.

  4. Manage your stress

    People who take less stress can remember things better and longer than those people who cannot maintain their stress level. If you are taking a lot off stress in your daily life and it is time that you should try to find a solution to reduce your stress level or at least try to manage it. This is because many researchers in their experiments state that an unhealthy level of stress will damage your brain cells and it contributes towards memory loss. The two best way to remove stress are:

    • You should avoid multi-tasking.
    • You should have a leisure time too in between your working hours.

    These two simple tricks will help you in managing your stress and enhance your memory power by letting the brain perform its functions freely.

  5. Stay Happy and keep laughing

    It is very essential that you should keep yourself happy throughout the day. If you are always sad then certain areas of your brain get which generally helps in creative thinking and learning gets blocked. Therefore, try to stay happy. You can do this by listening to jokes, sharing funny things with your friends, spending good times with cheerful people and so on. When you laugh, the important areas of your brain that controls your thinking and learning capacity gets activated and improved.

  6. Have a diet that enhance brain functions

    Having a proper diet that can improve can improve your brain functions is very beneficial. As your body requires different nutrients in order to carry out its normal activities, the same goes to your brain too. There are many fruits and vegetables which can improve both your physical and brain health.

    For example, some fatty fish like tuna and salmon helps in improving your brain health as it contains omega-3. Omega-3 is also found in pumpkin and spinach. It promotes your brain health as well as helps you staying away from depression and anxiety which is again very beneficial for improving your memory.

  7. Combine a visual image

    If you can combine anything you are studying or listening with a visual image then you will be able to recall them more efficiently. For example, during school days when a teacher describes the students about a certain character from a story they can easily visualize the character in their mind by adding different colors, textures and some of them also use to associate it with some particular words which helps them in remembering about the character for a really long time.

    The same phenomenon should be kept on practicing regularly as this will help you in better understanding and memorizing the things and makes it easier for you to recall them as and when required.

  8. Maintain a good health

    There are different health problems which may destroy your memory power. Some of these problems are very common like higher amount of bad cholesterol in the body that contributes towards heart issues, high blood glucose causing diabetes and increase in blood pressure to an unhealthy level.

    If these problems are treated your memory power will be enhanced too. You could prevent yourself from these problems to an extent by proper following a proper diet and doing regular physical exercise, thereby, contributing towards a good brain health too.

  9. Meditation

    It is yet another effective way which can improve your memory power. Meditation helps in finding the inner peace and let you feel happy all the time. When your mind is free from unnecessary tensions you can focus on other things better. Your creativity and problem-solving abilities will be enhanced.

    You can easily take up challenging task and work on it without any distractions. Meditation improves your mind’s sharpness and help you understand your personality better. So you should start doing meditation in the morning if you want to improve your memory.

  10. Make a habit of writing

    It has been scientifically proven that people who has the habit of writing can recall things better and up to a longer period of time. You can make a diary of your own where you can make any special thing that has happened throughout the day.

    If you are attending a meeting or a class lecture you can even listen and make note about the lecture whether at the same time or later after the lecture is over. Writing is indeed a very good practice which helps in both understanding and memorizing things for a much longer period than just by listening to it.

So, these were some of the best ways you can improve your memory. You just need to start working on it and it as your habit for impressive results.

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